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Pamana Plantas is a plant shop inspired by our Filipino heritage and a family legacy of cultivation. That legacy is at the center of everything we do including uplifting other small businesses, empowering others to grow, and sharing our Filipino culture with the surrounding community.

Like plants, we all grow, experience “yellowing leaves,” and bloom when the time is right. Our mission is to inspire others to take steps toward growth in every area of their lives. We want to support others as they grow at their own pace and embrace both challenges and great accomplishments along the way.  

Our hope is that our shop’s atmosphere, our events, our community, and our plants serve as a reminder that growth is possible for you. Growth is a part of nature—and naturally, nature wants to thrive!

Meet Dom

I wouldn’t be who I am without my family—my wonderful parents, my ancestors, and my Tito Enchit (my favorite uncle). They shaped me and modeled courage. My parents passed their perseverance to me. My ancestors left their homeland so that future generations could live better lives. My Tito Enchit gave me his fighting spirit. I am grateful for their impact on my life and I honor them by pursuing the dream of opening this shop.  

My name is Dominick, also known as Dom. I am a Filipina womyn born and raised in the Bay Area. 

I’ve dreamed of entrepreneurship since I was 7 years old and started my first business—an orange juice stand. I started my next business, Heavens Delights, in high school. I loved every part of bringing a business to life, especially the parts that allowed me to be creative, but I didn’t think I’d be an entrepreneur—it was “too risky.” 

As much as I loved the idea of starting a business, I loved the idea of helping people more. Whether I was making sure the new kids in elementary school feel included or getting involved in the Social Justice academy in high school, I have always valued community, the power of knowledge, and justice. This love for people led me to major in Sociology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where I was part of the Everett Program–a program focused on creating social change through the use of technology. 

So, why plants? I grew up watching the women in my family take care of plants with love, especially orchids. Like many others, during the pandemic, I turned to plants as healing, a way to restore my mental health during this time of isolation. I noticed my personal growth mirroring the growth I saw in the plants I cared for, and I began to connect with myself more deeply. Soon after, my mom started making art using plants. She asked me to help her sell her pieces and in September of 2020, we created the beginnings of Panama Plantas. 

In March of 2021, my Tito Enchit passed away. Although his life wasn’t easy–he had Alzheimer’s and only half of his body was fully functioning–he still lived with a smile on his face and a desire to help others. At his funeral, the pastor asked what words came to mind when we thought of him. My sister and I both said “fighter.” This was the moment I realized that he and many of my family members embodied this same spirit— mom is a breast cancer survivor, my aunt was a lung cancer survivor, both my grandmothers overcame adversity to run businesses in the Philippines and care for their families. “Pamana” means “inheritance” in Tagalog and I believe I have a rich spiritual inheritance from those who came before me. This inheritance is what inspired me to open this shop and what I hope to share with others.

- Dominick

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