Mayari Clay Co. is a Filipina-owned small business that specializes in small-batch, handmade polymer clay earrings and accessories including phone grips, keychains, I.D. badge holder reels, and hair clips. I started creating clay earrings in September 2020 in Riverside, CA as a new college graduate who wanted to develop a healthy creative outlet and improve my mental health. I finally decided to sell my clay pieces in October 2020 because I wanted to use my abilities to serve a greater purpose in life. As a strong advocate for "adopt don't shop", I donate a 20% portion of my monthly profits to different animal rescue organizations each month.

I continue to use my handmade creations to fulfill one of my lifelong goals of helping those who can find loving homes for homeless shelter animals, and I hope everyone who wears my earrings can sense this message of hope and love in my creations.



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